Internet Marketing 2017: Strategies You Need To Adopt

Posted on January 20, 2017 in Blogging

With many companies and businesses using online marketing to promote their products, services, and brands, marketers have to work harder to ensure they stay on top of the game. It also means marketers have to come up with new and efficient marketing strategies to help improve online visibility as well as reach out to target customers quickly. The past years have also seen frequent updates by Google detailing how internet marketing (especially SEO) should be done to give audiences just what they need.

Without a unique online marketing strategy, your business could be swallowed up in the masses, which can hurt its profitability and productivity. Discussed below are a few digital marketing strategies that can help take your business to the next level.

1.    Ephemeral Content

While quality and informative content still rule the world of digital marketing, ephemeral content seems to be taking the market by storm. Ephemeral content can simply be defined as posts that have a limited time and set to disappear after some time, say 48 hours. Although it may seem like too much for marketers and content creators, thousands of marketers are already using the feature. The main idea behind the ephemeral content is to provide your audience with fresh and unedited content all the time. Snapchat and Instagram already have this feature in place, with posts published here targeting a whole audience.

2.    Live Streaming
Social media marketing has been (and still is) a critical factor in digital marketing With millions of target audience on social media, marketers use the platform to introduce new products, generate leads, as well as sell their products. Social media marketing, however, seems to have advanced to allow users to stream live to their target audiences. This is to say; you can start a life streaming channel via the two most influential social networking sites today, Facebook and Twitter.  Many companies and marketers today use the live streaming feature to create how-to sections, question and answer discussions, as well as hold events.  Your company can, therefore, create a multitude of followers though this feature.

3.    Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing has been around for quite some time now, with research showing that it has already overtaken desktop ads. With many people using their smartphones, tablets, and iPads to access the internet and shop online, mobile ads are considered the next big thing after television advertising. This is because marketers can push ads through already installed apps, which makes it easy to find target audience quickly. In addition to this, marketers have had to switch to responsive websites which allow mobile users to visit their sites through their phones.

4.    Email Marketing

Email marketing still plays a crucial role in digital marketing. Unlike other marketing strategies that engage target audiences and customers passively, email marketing targets customers directly. According to research, email marketing is considerably the most converting marketing strategy to this date.  One therefore needs to come up with an excellent email marketing strategy and campaign to reap benefits from this.  This is the reason why you need to take your time to learn your target audience before sending them a newsletter or promotional e-mails to their inboxes.

Other factors such as search engine optimization, marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing shouldn’t be left out when planning a digital marketing strategy.